Termes Montbrió

Spain is anciently famous for its healing art. When the Romans colonized the most of the territotry of the country in the first century BC, they created a culture of receiving water treatments, or as they say today – SPA. Throughout Spain were built Roman baths, called terms, the terms were in all buildings, houses and private villas.
SPA culture thrives here also today.
In the Spanish terminology thermal treatment means the totality of hydrotherapy techniques, procedures and general mud therapy treatment, frequency, rhythm, intensity and duration of which is defined by prescription.
In the coastal zone of the country washed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, there are a lot of famous spa-resorts.
One of them is located in Montbrio del Camp.
Resort Termes Montbrió – Wellness Spa is a hotel with thermal waters, located in Montbrió Del Camp (Tarragona), 6 km from the best beaches of the Costa Dorada, and cities such as Tarragona and Reus.
Beauty old plants Botanical Garden in combination with a strategic geographical position Termes Montbrió on the Costa Dorada became the basis of this magnificent Catalan Spa-Resort.