One of Spain’s best kept secrets, the Priorat is a small area enclosed by sweeping cliffs and rugged hillsides.  It has a long history from prehistory through to the modern day as a landscape that has always provided physical and spiritual sustenance.

El Priorat in the Tarragona Province, is recognised internationally as a first rate wine producing zone, its licorella soils being the key to producing a rich, full bodied vintage.

The best wines from this region are now recognised as some of Spain’s most sophisticated and sought-after reds. The Priorat’s secret is it’s ancient, spectacular terroir. Antique terraced hillside vineyards with slate and mica soils and old Garnachavines are the main elements of the Priorat magic.

A hundred kilometres by car along this route, which takes you from Falset to Porrer through the heart of El Priorat, will make you a veritable wine connoisseur. Beginning in Falset, the county capital, head toward Gratallops and La Vilella Baixa, then onward to the Carthusian monastery of Scala Dei, built in a valley sheltered by the craggy slopes of Montsant Mountain.