Diving and spearfishing

The Coast of Miami Playa and L´Hospitalet del Infante has become one of the most popular places for fans of spearfishing and scuba diving. Every year here take place the championships of diving, spearfishing and underwater photography. In June, held the Catalan Championship of spearfishing.
If you are new in the underwater world, there are specialized centers that conduct courses for beginners. You can discover the magical underwater world with the help and the presence of a professional instructor. The first acquaintance here called “underwater baptism” and the agency asks for this service is quite reasonable prices.

Courses have the different levels from beginner – OPEN WATER DIVER to the highest level – INSTRUCTOR. All courses are official and allow you to do the scuba sport anywhere in the world.

On the Costa Dorada except the magnificent underwater landscape you can find interesting places such as places of sunken ships, aircraft and military vessels, such as a hundred-meter Italian commercial ship Correo which sunk during the First World War. Or aircraft-bomber Heinkel shot down during the civil war in Spain.