Charming villages

The villages of Tarragona are known for the beauty of the landscape, artistic monuments and pleasant stroll through the typical streets.


Miravet – a medieval castle of the Templars, which is a defensive complex of buildings surrounded by walls.

Dalí Theatre-Museum

If you’re a Dalí devotee, head to Figueres and the strange, fanciful Dalí Theater-Museum.

Medieval festivals

One of the popular entertainment has become an annual Medieval Festival. In each town, they are held at a certain time.

Costa Dorada

If you love nature and you´d like to take the pictures of breathtaking scenery, we’ll show you where to go!


A magical place, where it seems you to go back to medieval times.


The Gaudí route is the easiest way to learn and enjoy the masterpieces of Gaudí.


The visit to the Montserrat mountain and its Benedictine abbey is a must if you spend the holiday on Costa Dorada.

The Cistercian Route

The name “Cistercian Route” comes from the artistic and cultural heritage of each of these counties has a Cistercian monastery