Barcelona is one of the top city break destinations in Europe. This is probably largely due to its mix of sunshine, sights and culture, with the added bonus of beaches on your doorstep.


Tarragona (Tarraco in Latin) is the capital of the same-named province in Catalunya. It was the first Roman foundation in Spain, and its history goes back to 218 B.C.


Tortosa is a beautiful city surrounded by the quiet and perfumed splendor of thousands of agricultural acres.

Mont-Roig del Camp

Mont-Roig – an amazing place for outdoor recreation and admiring the wonderful beauty of Red Mountain and the surrounding area with its height.

Miami Playa

Miami Playa – a small quiet sunny town. Here you’ll be close, as never before, to nature.

Amettla del Mar

L´Ametlla de Mar is a heaven for sailors seaside town located on the Costa Dorada, in the Ebro Lands and has 16 km of coastline.


Salou is famous for its golden beaches but it also has a growing reputation as a perfect place for a family holiday.


Cambrils is known as a sea destination, and not without a reason. It has 7 miles of beaches, suitable for all ages


Reus is known by its commercial activity, for being a center for rock-climbing and as the birthplace of architect Antoni Gaudí.