The caves of Benifallet

The caves of Benifallet are located on a mountain ridge called Sierra de Cardó. They were discovered by speleologists in the middle of last century. The water makes its way through calcareous sediments, limestone and cavities and crevices of the bedrock, creating serpentine and intricate passages and halls adorned with convoluted ornaments of natural origin. There are six caverns, of which only two are open to the public. Excavations in the Cueva del Dos revealed findings that might be evidence that the caves might have been used as dwellings by the Neolithic man. People have not set foot in the Maravillas Cave (Cave of Wonders) until recently, so you can admire pristine and fabulous beauty of the underground vistas that Mother Nature had labored to create for thousands of years. It’s not for nothing that the Cave of Wonders has been given that name. Alongside “classic” stalagmites and stalactites, there is a unique collection of anemolites, whole thickets of calcite “pasta” (helictites), soda straws, curtains and other speleothems of most unusual and bizarre shapes. The caves are dimly lit, because bright light might harm the “exhibits.” For the same reason, visitors are not allowed to take pictures or touch what they see, even though temptation might be very hard to restrain!