On the Costa Dorada, 28 km away from Miami Playa, close to Tarragona, we find Universal Studios Port Aventura. One of the largest theme parks in Europe and the first park dedicated to the Italian team Ferrari – Ferrari Land.

Port Aventura offers a trip full of adventures and fun for all ages through different thematic areas, such as: Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Far West and Sesame Adventure (for the little ones), where we will meet with attractions and live shows.

Actually, what appears to be a single park, consists of three parks within the same complex. On the one hand we have the Port Aventura theme park, the best offer for those who want to enjoy with the family or with frends a wonderful day of adventures.

On the other hand we have the Costa Caribe water park, one of the best water parks of the Costa Dorada and Spain. It offers a family fun for all ages in an aquatic environment with tropical decorations. Finally we have FERRARI LAND park dedicated to the Italian team Ferrari, with many different attractions, dedicated to the speed and competition spririt of Ferrari. From family competitions in a circuit of races to breath taking attractions with an acceleration from 0 to 180 km / h in just 5 seconds.


Dragon Khan

An icon among roller coasters. The 8 loops and more than 110 km / h speed of Dragon Khan are a temptation from the first time you see it.


Its 76 meters high make it the highest roller coaster and with the longest fall of PortAventura Park.


Shoot with the water pistol all obstacles that get in your way while crossing the jungle through the water.

Furius Baco

Discover the incredible horizontal catapult of Port Aventura, which will propel you to 135 km / h in just 3 seconds.

Tutuki Splash

Feel the fury of the volcano in your body and escape from it in the most refreshing way with amazing drops.


Only the Kontiki catamaran resists the fury of a Polynesian storm. Join the expedition and resist its movements.

Hurakan Condor

An attraction with 100 meters of free fall only suitable for the most adventurous visitors of Port Aventura.

Train of the Mine

Run at full speed the El Diablo mine train in a real wooden wagon and do not miss a single detail.

Silver River

Get on a fun felled log and cool off on an entertaining road to the Port Aventura sawmill.


The thrilling ups and downs of this child attraction will test the value of all who dare.

Grand Canyon Rapids

Refresh yourself as you ride the rapids of the wild Colorado River in this hilarious attraction of the Far West world.


Much more than a wooden roller coaster, it recalls the system used by the first settlers.