Miami Playa and Hospitalet de l’Infant offer massage services for all residents and tourists. You can visit the physiotherapy center where a professional will assess your pain, whether general or localized areas; head, back, arms, legs or feet. In these days, when the accumulated stress can affect our emotions and health, it is a challenge to find a balance physically and mentally. Therefore, it is necessary to use alternatives that help us establish a balance between our body and mind.


The main objective of the professional physiotherapist is to release the tention in muscular structure, to treat dysfunctions and pathologies through his hands. Physiotherapy is a set of manual therapies used to prevent, treat and re-adapt the symptoms and physical pathologies of the locomotor system such as: pain in general, muscle pathologies, joint problems, fibromyalgia, cerfales, lumbago, sciatica, herniated discs, degenerative diseases ( arthrosis), nervous diseases, circulatory and lymphatic pathologies, attention to the expectant mother, pre and post surgical treatments.