Caldea is the largest thermal spa in southern Europe, with a total surface area of ​​44,849 m2 and a simultaneous capacity of 2,646 people. It is located in Andorra, in the city of Escaldes-Engordany, surrounded by spectacular mountains. The French architect, Jean-Michel Ruols, known as the water architect, managed to give the Caldea building a unique and singular image. As a curiosity, the tower of Caldea, is the highest building in Andorra, with a height of 80 meters. The facade of the building is covered by semi-emitting crystals that allow to attenuate the greenhouse effect and symbolize the brightness and transparency of the water. Conceived as a mirror, Caldea reflects the sky, the town and the mountains, integrating perfectly into the environment.

The thermal waters, one of the most valued natural resources in Andorra, have special properties given its composition, rich in sulfides and minerals, producing antiallergic, healing, decongestant, analgesic and healing effects in the body. These mineral waters emanate at an elevated temperature, considered one of the hottest in the Pyrenees, capable of reaching 70ºC.


The Caldea Center offers a new filosophy of Termal Center, that combines the benefits of thermal waters and the ludic experience of water atractions, very diffrenent proposal in comparison with traditional spas. Here the therapeutic effects of the water are complemented by a playful experience, which provides an immediate sensation of well-being. Innovative concept that promotes baths in thermal waters for recreational purposes and that, since its inauguration, broke with the idea of ​​ traditional spas.


The thermal waters of Caldea have received the Aquatermalcert certification of excellence, created to value one of the most precious resources for lovers of well-being. The quality of the water is given mainly by its physical-chemical composition, healthiness and higiene of the center and the correct state and functioning of the thermal circuits. After an exhaustive analysis work, a team of experts with technical training has concluded that the water used in the circuits of both Caldea and Inúu preservs the quality of natural termal wells.


This magnificent thermoludic center takes advantage of the natural properties of water and offers a wide variety of areas and services to relax body and mind. You can swim between indoor and outdoor lagoons, relax in saunas and jacuzzis, enjoy a bath of grapefruits or try swimming pools of extreme temperatures. Caldea will make you forget the fatigue and stress of routine, to regain your balance and vitality. And if you are even more demanding, we propose different beauty treatments and relaxing massages that you can hire during your stay.